Nightime Sunshine led by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jesse S. Gallagher (Apollo Sunshine) have a brand new debut 4 song EP being released on October 7th, 2016 (Mythological Records) ~

The sonics of Nightime Sunshine continue along the cosmic path Apollo Sunshine led us on years ago, and this will be Gallagher’s first release since Apollo Sunshine’s 2008 psychedelic masterwork “Shall Noise Upon”.  Jesse has also partnered once again with “Katonah” (2003) Engineer/Producer Andy Edelstein to compliment these complex “pop” arrangements with the highest in modern fidelity ~

For the last 10 years, the root of Jesse has been his hermitage above the Lilypad Jazz Club in Inman Sq, Cambridge (which he books & runs full time) and the living experience of continuous musical collaboration & creation reflected in thousands of hours of amorphous archived & unreleased”mythological” recordings featuring seemingly endless co-conspiritors (Biff Rose, EDAN, Sunburned Hand of The Man, Kurt Heasley (Lilys), Willy Mason, Gary War, CAN’s Malcolm Mooney, Drug Rug, Bong Wish etc.) The debut albums by both QUILT & Doug Tuttle were recorded in Gallagher’s kitchen; situated a 5 minute walk from the campuses of both Harvard & MIT.

Now that the seal has cracked & these first NIGHTIME SUNSHINE recordings are being released into the world, you can expect many more auricular gifts coming soon from Gallagher’s Mythological Records ≈